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3300 Range Wall Tie

Safe Ended Frame Cramp

The ACS 3300 range frame cramps are designed for use in either conventional or thin bed joints and are available in a variety of lengths to suit most applications.

These ties are supplied with a 3-holed safety end for bonding into the mortar along with a vertical slot in the upstand to allow adjustment when fixing.

The ACS 3000 Range tie offers all the benefits of a 3300 range tie and more.

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3300 Frame Cramp

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Technical Data

The performance of frame cramps is determined by the position of the fixing. At the lowest point of the slot the frame cramp will have a safe working load of approximately 1.0kN. As the fixing position alters the capacity of the tie will reduce. ACS recommend using oversize washers with the fixing when installing cramps with a vertical slot.

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