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Azure Lintels

The design of the Azure Lintels range allows for the creation of an opening in a single leaf of masonry. This is typically the external leaf of a cavity with an integrated brick slip soffit feature. The use of a specifically formulated resin adhesive bonds the brick slip soffit feature to the lintel carrier. Therefore allowing it to match seamlessly with facing brickwork and reveals where relevant.

Expertly tested

Notified and technically approved bodies have independently run tests on both the Azure lintels and the brick slips.. This is to evaluate and validate the load capacity, physical performance and also the long term durability of all components. The Azure lintels have been designed in line with the requirements of BS EN 845-2 & BS 5977-1, as well as tested in line with BS EN 846-9. ACS test all brick slips using the guidance of ETAG 034. This is to evaluate the accelerated Freeze/Thaw weather resistance both saturated and dried of the brick slips bonded to stainless steel to achieve a service life of 60 years.

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Header Bond Lintel Datasheet

Soldier Bond Lintel Datasheet

Stretcher Bond Lintel Datasheet 


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Image of BRE logo who test lintels            Image of CE BS EN 845-2



Image of Azure Lintels

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Technical Information

  • Heat / Rain weathering to ETAG034 – Weathered samples only.
  • Bond strength testing using ETAG004 as guidance – Control weathered samples.
  • Impact testing to ISO 7892 – Control and weathered samples


Standard ‘L’ Section Lintel

L section Lintels
Standard Lengths (mm) 600-1200  1201-1500  1501-2100  2101-3000  3001-3900  3901-4500
Total UDL (kN) 4 7 6 6 8 9
Lintel Height (mm) 88 131 167 215 215 215
Weight / Metre (kg) 2.90 3.58 4.16 4.93 7.37 9.79


Heavy Duty ‘C’ Section Lintel

C section Lintels
Standard Lengths (mm) 600-1200  1201-1500  1501-2100  2101-3000  3001-3900  3901-4500
Total UDL (kN) 9 12 12 11 13 13
Lintel Height (mm) 154 229 229 229 229 229
Weight / Metre (kg) 3.59 4.28 4.86 5.63 8.38 11.10


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