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Your Inner Strength in Construction

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The ACS approach is never passive – we listen to what our clients say, assess and analyse their needs and develop innovative new ways of tackling those challenges – affordably, effectively and quickly.

ACS is a true knowledge brand – people ask us for advice, they seek out our experts and invite them to explain what we know about their industry because they recognise our exceptional insight and experience.

We are flexible specialists – and we do what we do well. We have made delivering the very best, highest quality structural building components our purpose, our reason to be, our main aim.

Clever, competitive, comprehensive and committed, we don’t consider the job done until the client comes back for another order.

Our company is 100% British owned, and is a true British manufacturing success story. All ACS products are developed, designed and manufactured in the UK with all our profits being ethically reinvested in the UK

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