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CE Declaration of Performance Downloads

The Declaration of Performance (DoP) is the key concept in the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

The DoP serves to deliver the information about the essential characteristics of the product that a manufacturer wants to make available on the market.

Declaration of performances  on our products and other documentation such as policy statements and certificates are available to download as PDF documents.

Wire Ties

1000/200 Type 2

1000/225 Type 2

1000/250 Type 2

1000/275 Type 2

1000/300 Type 2

1100/200 Type 4

1100/225 Type 4

1100/250 Type 4

1100/275 Type 4


Cavity Ties

2000 Range

2300 Range

2400 Range


Frame Cramps

3000 Range



25/15 Frame Fix Ultra Channel Tie System

Apex Channel System

Apollo SLF50-W60

Apollo SLF40-W60

Apollo SLF30-W60


Specialist ties

Two Part Tie



OL19 Lintel

OL14 Lintel


Masonry Support

Atlas ( 10,12 & 14 )


Acoustic Reports (Ceram)

2000 Range

2300 Range

3000 Range

25/15 Channel


Other Documentation

Factory Production Control -SCCS

Welding Certificates – SCCS

ISO 9001

Quality Policy Statement

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