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Modular cladding that unleashes the beauty of brick

CERTUS is a pre-assembled, A1 non-combustible modular, brick slip cladding façade system that puts a range of aesthetic effects at your fingertips. It helps you build sophisticated textures and tones into the fabric of your buildings, while speeding up construction times.

  • A1 non-combustible system
  • 100% resin & adhesive free
  • 60+ year design life
  • Has passed one of the most rigorous post-Grenfell testing programmes ever undertaken for a brick slip product

Making brickwork less work

CERTUS is easy and cost-effective to fit, because it is supplied as standard, factory-assembled panel modules. Brick slips are cut from standard clay facing units, which are mechanically fixed into a stainless steel carrier. Panels are simply fixed to a standard rain screen framing system and then pointed on site. So you get the look and feel of a traditional brick façade, but in a fraction of the time, and without the need for highly skilled bricklayers.

  • Up to 5x faster to fit than alternative kit systems
  • Doesn’t require skilled bricklayers
  • Can be fitted by one person, with no site cutting or modifications required
  • Uses standard clay facing bricks (F2 durability)
  • Not dependent on weather or site conditions, giving you greater project certainty
  • Site detailing and drawings provided by ACS

CERTUS modules to suit every project

Standard modules and special features for every kind of building

Soffit Panel

Soffit Corner


Facing Panel

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A world of aesthetic possibilities

CERTUS lets you play with a whole range of brick cutting configurations and carrier designs. It brings flair and character to projects with its varied bond patterns and brick features. You can use it across the whole building or alongside traditional brickwork. You can contrast textures. You can add subtle patterns, including arches, and add special features and details. It is all possible without the need for highly skilled specialist bricklayers due to all panels, including feature bonds being pre-manufactured.

  • Brings beautiful bond patterns and brick features to your plans
  • A range of brick cutting and carrier designs
  • Full product detailing service for characterful architectural features
  • No height restrictions
  • Can work alongside traditional brickwork

A range of bonds and patterns

  • Stretcher Bond
  • Soldier Bond
  • Stack Bond
  • English Bond
  • Flemish Bond
  • Fishscale Bond
  • Saw Tooth Bond
  • Stepped Headers & Stretchers

Less wastage. More sustainability.

Every CERTUS module is made in a controlled factory environment and arrives pre-assembled. So it cuts time wasted on site due to defects or poor workmanship. This reduces wastage, which contributes to the sustainable credentials of your building. It can also be installed, whatever the weather or site conditions, taking brickwork off the critical path of the build schedule.

  • Made in a factory for reduced wastage and defects
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Fewer deliveries to site
  • Reduced project times

Endorsed and approved to give you rock solid reliability

CERTUS is an A1 Non-Combustible system with a minimum of 60 years design life, having passed one of the most rigorous post Grenfell testing programmes ever undertaken for a brick façade system. These tests proved the integrity, durability, and long-term performance of the system, in large scale applications.

Large scale through wall tests included.

  • CWCT test sequence for rainscreen cladding systems at Wintech UL.
  • Hygrothermal | Freeze-thaw | Impact & bond testing at Lucideon.
  • BS 8414-2.2015 – Fire performance of external cladding systems at the Fire Protection Association.

Ideal for replacing dangerous cladding

With an A1 fire rating and no limit to the heights it can be used at, CERTUS is an excellent option for recladding. Quick and easy to fit, exceptionally economical and available in a range of sophisticated bond patterns, it brings style and character to existing buildings and has a design life of at least 60 years.


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