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1200 Range Wall Tie

Double Triangle Tie

The 1200 range wall tie’s design is for use on domestic houses and small commercial buildings up to 15 metres in height. ACS recommend that you these install these ties with a nominal embedment of 62.5mm.

Available in Stainless Steel, lengths range from 150mm to 300mm. Contact our sales department for more information. More technical information is in the product details box below.

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Image of CE BS EN 845-1 and E type B

Image of a 1200 Range Wall Tie

Technical Data

The ACS 1200 range wire tie is available in grades 304 (BS EN 1.4301) and 316 (BS EN 1.4401) austenitic stainless steel and in lengths from 150mm to 300mm in increments of 25mm. The 1200 range wire tie conforms to BS 1243 which has since been superseded. The wire tie is suitable for buildings up to 15m in height and should be installed at a minimum density of 2.5 ties/m2. ACS recommends that the wire ties are installed with a nominal embedment of 62.5mm, the wirel ties can be installed either way round due to the multi-drip feature, which prevents moisture from travelling across the cavity.

Test Results


Tie Length / Cavity (mm)

Maximum Declared Value (N)

Brick Couplet Test

According to BSEN 846-6


250 / 125


300 / 150



250 / 125


300 / 150


Testing was undertaken at CERAM Building Technology which proved that the 1200 range wire tie has a measured dynamic stiffness of greater 113MN/m3 in a 100mm cavity and therefore is classed as a Type B tie in Part E of the building regulations.

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