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2300 Range Wall Tie

Heavy Duty Tie

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Technical Data

The ACS 2300 range wall tie is available in grades 304 (BS EN 1.4301) and 316 (BS EN 1.4401) austenitic stainless steel  in lengths from 150mm to 300mm in increments of 25mm as standard. According to BS EN 845-1 ties should be installed at a minimum density of 2.5 ties/m2 at 900mm horizontal and 450mm vertical centres, staggered by 450mm between courses. ACS recommends that the wall ties are installed with a nominal embedment of 62.5mm. The 2300 range wall tie exceeds the minimum required shear capacity of 1.5kN.

Product Description and Site Application

The ACS 2300 range wall tie is used in collar joint or double leaf applications where the cavity does not exceed 25mm. The wall tie can also be used in cavity wall applications where there is no risk of water bridging the cavity.

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