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3000 Range Wall Tie

Universal Frame Cramp

The 3000 range wall tie is a multi purpose conventional fixing cramp that incorporates a number of unique design features. The 3000 range has a slotted upstand that provides the user with a vertical tolerance when fixing the product to a structure. This reduces the likelihood of bending the cramp on site to suit brickwork coursing.

The cramp has a multi drip feature that ensures a drip is positioned within the open cavity. The shape of the product and the multi drip features prevent moisture from crossing the cavity. It is not necessary to stock or purchase different style frame cramps of the same length.

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Image of CE BS EN 845-1, E Type B & NHBC

Patent No. GB2376029

Image of a 3000 Range Wall Tie

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Technical Data

The ACS 3000 range wall tie is a multi purpose frame cramp designed in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 845-1. The wall tie is designed to allow a masonry panel to be tied back to a range of structures/substrates meaning one wall tie can fulfil a range of applications on site. The advanced punched and pressed profile of the wall tie means that it is capable of withstanding high loads as a result of its increased sectional properties. The wall tie is resistant to water crossing a cavity due to the integrated ‘drip’ features that serves to prevent the transgression of water from the outer leaf to the inner leaf of a building even when installed with an angle of up to 5° in an unfavourable direction. A standard de-bonding sleeve can be supplied for use at movement joints. The minimum mortar joint thickness for which this wall tie is intended for use is 10mm.

This tie has been independently tested at Sheffield University Civil and Structural Engineering Department and results have shown that this product is inherently stronger than the traditional style cramp that is widely available in the market place at present.

The performance of frame cramps is determined by the position of the fixing. At the lowest point of the slot the frame cramp will have a safe working load of approximately 1.0kN. As the fixing position alters the capacity of the tie will reduce. ACS recommend using oversize washers with the fixing when installing cramps with a vertical slot.

Tie Dimensions and Standard Tie Lengths

 Nominal Cavity Width (mm)

 Tie Length (mm)

 0 – 20


 21 – 45


 46 – 70


 71 – 95


 96 – 120


 121 – 145


 146 – 170


 171 – 195



Installation & Best Practice

Wall ties should typically be installed at a density of at least 2.5 ties/m2 for walls in which both leaves are thicker than 90mm. This can be achieved by spacing the wall ties at 900mm horizontal centres and 450mm vertical centres, staggered at alternate courses.

Wall ties should be evenly distributed over a wall except around openings or at an un-bonded panel edge where the tie density should be increased to 225mm vertical centres within 225mm of the opening or edge

The length of the tie should be sufficient to allow an embedment of at least 62.5mm meaning that the minimum embedment of 50mm is always achieved after allowing for site tolerances.

Recommended Fixings

Substrate or Structure Recommended Fixings
Concrete M6 Plug & ScrewM6 Expansion Anchor
Steel M5.5 BZP Seld Drilling Tech Screw
Block M6 Plug & Screw
Timber M6 Stainless Coach ScrewM6 Stainless Wood Screw


Declared Load Capacity

 Fixing Position in Slot

 Tensile Load Capasity (N)

 Compressive Load Capacity (N)










The ACS 3000 range wall tie has been tested in accordance with BS EN 846-6: 2000 for the determination of tensile and compressive load capacity and load displacement characteristics of wall ties (single end test). Based on the results from the tests the capacities declared in the table below were established.

ACS can supply a range of corrosion resistant fixings to suit various applications. The list in the table above represents typical fixings used. For more information or alternative fixings please contact the ACS Technical Department.


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