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Azure Deep Soffit System

The ACS Azure Deep Soffit System comprises of specially designed adjustable hanging straps and GPR structural sections. OSB or Marine Ply Boards can then fix on to create a suspended soffit. Brick slip cladding panels can then quick and easily fix into the suspended timber boards to create large brick clad soffit reveals.

The soffit system design is in line with the Eurocode design principles. This takes into account the combined effects of dead loads and wind pressures that would impose the system during its life in service.

To suit site specific/project requirements, ACS design each system.

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Image of the Azure Deep Soffit System

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Technical Data


A 14mm diameter hole must be drilled no closer than 50mm from the top edge of the GPR angle. The angle can then be fixed to the hangers using a M12 set screw and the ACS Alpha II adjustment system which allows +/- 26.5mm of vertical tolerance to be accommodated. The Alpha II system combines a toothed washer and a slot with corresponding holes into which the washer teeth are designed to engage, setting the system in place at the required level.

Design & Detailing

Unless instructed otherwise a typical quick scheme windload of 1.2kN/m2 (unfactored) is used to evaluate the effect of uplift and suction on the system. The densities of the soffit components parts are used to calculate the dead loads which are then factored and then added to the factored windloads to establish the design actions. The actions are then compared to the design resistance of the various system components to ensure that all components in the system are capable of supporting and restraining the imposed loads during their life in service.


Soffit hangers are typically desinged to suit a specific project detail and will always include the Alpha II adjustment system to provide vertical tolerance. Fixings will be designed to suit the specific application and substrate into which they will be installed.

Stainless Steel Set Screws will be supplied to fix the GRP angle into the hangers.

The countersunk self drilling and tapping screws have been designed by ACS and tested by Lucideon Structural  Testing Laboratories with the GRP structural rail section to have an allowable tensile design resistance of 1.00kN.


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