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Azure Special Soffits

Image of Azure Special Soffits

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Special Azure dimentions665 x 65mm Stretcher Bond Special Soffit Bolt Up Unit

Courses in with facing brickwork and provides continuity with the stretcher/running bond pattern as it returns into the soffit on the underside of a masonry downstand or beam. Adjacent soffit units are designed to interlock together, providing seamless continuity between the face/soffit once pointed. Special soffit units can be designed and fabricated to achieve almost any brick bond pattern to create soffit features and details of any size and layout.


Unit Sizes

Stretcher (225mm)    450/675/900/1125mm

Header(112.5mm)     450/562.5/675/787.5/900/1012.5mm

Soldier (75mm)         450/525/600/675/825/900/975/1050mm


*Limit Weight to 20kg per Unit ( Manual Handling)
*Chassis/Carrier Aprox 8-10kg
*Slip Approx 1.00kg

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