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Edge Trim

ACS developed Combination Edge Trim (CET)  for use with steel frame structures. It acts as a permanent shuttering when pouring concrete in-situ onto ribbed decking floors.

The main advantage of this system is that the profiled trim incorporates a channel for casting into the concrete. In contrast fixing to the face of thin slabs with site drilled bolts can become impractical or very expensive. Especially when trying to transfer loads from masonry support angles, curtain walling or even Add to dictionary back into the structure.

Image of CET edge trim

There are 4 types of system available:Image of CET trims in action

CET 28/15

CET 31/21

CET 38/17

CET 40/25

CET is manufactured from pre-galvanised sheet & incorporates a stainless steel channel, however, mild steel channels can be incorporated on request, especially if located internally e.g. lift shafts.

The type of channel, depth, projection & thickness of pre-galvanised trim depends on the loading applied and the section detail.

CET is supplied in standard 3m lengths; however, other lengths may be manufactured on request.

How to order:

Generally CET will be designed by a qualified member of our technical department at design stage, although, CET may be specified as follows: –

Channel Reference >> Channel Material >> O/A Length >> Slab Depth >> Dimension from Top of Slab to c/l of Channel >> Return Leg Dimension

e.g. 31/21-S/S-3000-130-50-150

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