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EMR Expanded Metal Reinforcement

The ACS expanded metal reinforcement provides extra strength and support in stress areas of walls to prevent cracking where settlement has occurred.

ACS suggest that when using EMR, you should place it in every third brickwork or every blockwork bed joint. You can also use EMR to bond a section of wall to a concrete frame.

EMR is available in 20 metre rolls in 304 (1.4301) stainless steel.

Image of EMR Expanded Metal Reinforcement
Masonry Thickness Product Width And Reference Length of Roll
100mm EMR 65mm 20 Mtr
140mm EMR 115mm 20 Mtr
215mm EMR 175mm 20 Mtr
300mm EMR 225mm 20 Mtr

1. ACS suggests a 25mm gap is left between the EMR reinforcement and the outer face of the wall with a minimum overlap of 75mm.
2. Pre-galvanised EMR is only to be used in plaster and asphalt situations.

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EMR Expanded Metal Bed Reinforcement

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