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Special Fabrications

It may be necessary in some instances to design and manufacture Special fabrications to suit various details. The detail shown opposite indicates a pier supported via a fabricated angle complete with welded gussets. This would be necessary to take the large eccentric loads back to the main structure.

ACS can design and manufacture to almost every special condition, however, please liaise with the technical department for advice on the most appropriate system and fixing detail.

Image of Special Fabrications

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Conventional (Welded) Systems

ACS can design, calculate, set-out and manufacture brickwork support and masonry support to suit any requirement.

The main three types of conventional brick and masonry support systems are bracket angles, continuous angles, and individual brackets, all of which are suitable for different situations.

Bracket Angle (Type 1)

This system also consists of a continuous angle, but with brackets welded to the vertical leg of the angle. The brackets are then fixed to the structural frame. This is the most economical system for wider cavities, as the angle does not have to span the full width of the cavity and hence the thickness of the angle can be reduced; this results in a lightweight solution.

Image of Bracket Angle (Type 1)

Continuous Angle (Type 2)

The most basic support system consists of a continuous angle fixed directly to the structural frame. The efficiency of this system significantly decreases with wider cavities. In most cases, bricklayers prefer to work off a continuous angle.

Image of Continuous Angle (Type 2)

Individual Bracket (Type 3)

This system consists of individual horizontal ledges to support the brickwork. It is recommended for use along stretches of curved or irregular masonry.

Image of Individual Bracket (Type 3)



Our Services


The ACS technical department is manned and managed by qualified engineers. Our unparalleled assistance to architects, structural engineers, specifiers, and contractors ensure that projects and programs run safely, smoothly and on time.

Dedicated technical supervisors can also be assigned and despatched to projects/sites if and when the need arises.


If you require a full design package, no problem! This is a free of charge service we offer all our customers on their bespoke requirements.


Dedicated Specification Engineers are always on hand to aid in the specification of the most suitable product or system and advise on new products.

The Specification Team are always available to discuss speculative designs and problem solve for Engineers and Architects.

To discuss your specification needs or to arrange a CPD seminar contact us or emailĀ

Estimation / Take Offs

Estimation and take off services are also offered to our clients.

After Sales

Unsure on installation? Again the ACS Technical Team are there to help, offering written or verbal instruction or even on site training.

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