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ACS Tension 520

The design of the ACS Tension 520 allows it to take an increased capacity than most of the systems available on the current market. It is available in diameters M10 through to M100 in carbon steel and stainless steel.

The performance characteristics of the ACS Tension 520 system can be seen in the product details below.

Image of ACS Tension 520


Thread Units M10 M12 M16 M20 M24 M30 M36 M42 M48 M56 M64 M76 M85 M90 M100
Nominal Bar Diameter mm 10 11 15 19 22 28 34 39 45 52 60 72 82 87 97
Min. Yield Load kN 25 41 77 122 176 284 411 566 746 1030 1360 1985 2531 2862 3585
Min. Break Load kN 35 52 98 155 223 360 522 719 946 1308 1727 2520 3212 3633 4551
Nominal Bar Weight (kg/m) 0.5 0.8 1.4 2.2 3.0 4.8 7.1 9.4 12.5 16.7 22.2 32.0 41.5 46.7 58.0

Mechanical Properties

ACS Tension 520 bar system has the following mechanical properties:

Minimum Yield Stress 520 N/mm2
Minimum Breaking Stress 660 N/mm2
Minimum Elongation 19%
Minimum Charpy Impact Value 27J @-20?C
Young’s Modulus 205 kN/mm2

Adjustments within each fork or spade are:

M10 to M56 +/- 1/a thread diameter
M64toM100: +/-25mm

Turnbuckles give additional adjustments of:

M10 to M24: -f/-25mm
M30 to M100: +/-50mm

In addition special turnbuckles with a higher adjustment are available on request.

Corrosion Protection

ACS tendons can be supplied with a blank, primed, painted or dip galvanised finish. If required hot dip galvanising can be applied to tendons after the threading process. The threads are then brushed to remove any excess zinc.

The colour of the galvanising may vary along the length of the tendon. The appearance may also vary between the fork and bar by virtue of differences in the material composition.


For architectural purposes, it is recommended a painted finish is applied on top of the galvanising. Resulting in the corrosion of the bar being reduced.

Approved by DIBT Berlin

The ACS Tension 520 Bar System has been approved in Germany by Deutches Institut Fur Bautechnik. The approval covers the minimum yield load for diameters M10-M100 of the stainless and carbon bar system.

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