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Azure Brick Slip Systems

ACS Azure is a factory manufactured brick faced modular soffit, lintel and panel range for use on residential and commercial buildings.

Azure was Europe’s first brick faced soffit solution. When the original system was first launched it revolutionised the way the industry thought about Masonry Support. Prior to this the most popular way to create a brick soffit involved suspending a brick beneath Masonry Support using drilled full sized bricks threaded along dowels or manoeuvring a large precast concrete unit then bolting it into place.

Today Azure facilitates the rapid installation of modular brick faced units, speeding the construction process and removing the need for highly skilled artisan bricklayers.

Its lightweight design removes dangerous and complex manual handing issues from site and significantly reduces labour costs.

The system has completed and passed the most rigorous testing programme ever seen for brick slip products. Designed to withstand years of extreme weather conditions, Azure is truly unique and unequalled in the market place.

All solutions are designed free of charge and custom made to a client’s exact requirements.

Image of Azure Lintels

Azure Lintels

Image of Azure Special Soffits

Azure Special Soffits

Azure Brick Faced Lintels

Azure Brick Faced Lintels

Image of Azure Brick Faced Soffit

Azure Brick Faced Soffit