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Telephone: 0844 850 0860

Fixings & Bolts

ACS Stainless Steel Fixings Ltd offer a full range of fixings, fasteners and tools to complement their own products.

Virtually everything you require to site-fix our products is available off the shelf or can be rapidly manufactured in-house. This includes our own range of Anchors, Resins and Studs ( Studding / Threaded Bar is also available from stock ).

This section only covers the most requested fixing methods, for more detail please enquire via our contacts page. For more general fixing and fastener requirements ( Bolt Nut Washer and Screw ) we recommend you try our fixing supplier, Grayson (GB) Ltd direct.

Image of 41/22 Lock Nuts

41/22 Lock Nuts

Image of a Stick Pin Anchor (SPA)

Stick Pin Anchor (SPA)

Image of T Head Bolts

T Head Bolts

Image of Blind Bolt Fixings

Blind Bolt Fixings

Image of Single Expansion Bolts

Single Expansion Bolts

Image of Hexagon Head Set Screws

Hexagon Head Set Screws

Image of Glass Capsule Resin Anchors

Glass Capsule Resin Anchors

Image of Pump In Resin Anchors

Pump In Resin Anchors