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Type 1 – Fixed Back To Concrete Top Cleats

ACS Type 1 – Masonry Support systems can bolt with hex head setscrews back to cleats bolted to top of slab via expansion bolt or chemical fixings. These are usually used along party walls where access cannot be gained to drill the side of the structure.


ACS Type 1 – Fixed Back to Concrete Top Cleats Masonry Support systems are generally manufactured from stainless steel Grade 304 material; however, ACS can manufacture systems from Grade 316 stainless steel, especially if it is to be used in more corrosive environments such as coastal areas.

Where stainless steel comes into contact with mild steel it is important to isolate the dissimilar materials to prevent bi-metallic corrosion. Isolation gaskets are available from ACS.

Our technical engineers are on hand to advise you on the best Masonry Support system for your project. For further information get in touch.

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