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Data Sheet Downloads

The most up to date version of our product data sheets are available to download by clicking on the images below:

Wire Ties

1000 datasheet image   1100 datasheet image   1200 datasheet image

Cavity Ties

2000 datasheet image   2300 datasheet   2400 datasheet image   Twopart datasheet image

Specialist Ties

Column Tie datasheet image   SIPS Frame Tie datasheet   Stone Restraints   SR datasheet image

Grout in tie

Frame Cramps

3000 datasheet image   timber datasheet image


Channel tie datasheet image   CET datasheet image   2515 data image   4025 datasheet image

Quick build e     4000 tie datadheet  Axis PDF

Head Restraints

AHR datasheet image  Soffit Restraints

Azure Soffit Systems

azure-pdf  soffit-hanger   soffit-bolt-up-front-cover    deep-soffit-systems


Stretcher Bond                                Soldier Bond                                     Header Bond

Azure Lintel Datasheet   soldier-bond-front-cover    header-bond-front-cover  L1 Datasheet

L2 Lintel   L3 lintel datasheet 202   Lintel datasheet L4   L5 Lintel Datasheet

L6 lintel datasheet     L7 Lintel datasheet    L8 Lintel datasheet   Solid wall lintel



Masonry Reinforcement

SCW175 datasheet image

Thermal Shims

Shim datasheet image

Wall Starter

Wall Starter Datasheet image

Installation Guides & Toolbox Talks

MS Installation Guide    Atlas Masonry Support Guide   cet-installation-image   

Wind Zones

Wall Ties & Restraints

Specialist Datasheets

Welding of Stainless Steel   Bimetallic Corrosion   self drilling screw datasheet   SIPS Panel datasheet

Summary Reports

2000 Range Acoustic Report   2300 Range Acoustic Report   3000 Range Acoustic Report   2515 Summary Report

2000 Range Report                         2300 Range Report                       3000 Range Report                       25/15 Ceram Report