36/8 – A Compliant Alternative to Brick Slip Systems


For many years, ACS manufactured the 36/8 Channel and tie Suspended Brick Soffit System on 1000’s of projects in the UK and worldwide. The 36/8 system provided an innovative solution for architects and engineers who wanted to create a brick faced lintel or soffit detail. Development in technology and the increase in demand allowed ACS to develop a resin-bonded brick slip solution for the UK market. Due to the increase in demand, the 36/8 system was superseded by Azure brick slip systems.

changes to building regulations

Recent changes to building regulations have restricted the use of resin-bonded brick slip systems, the ban on combustible materials has been imposed due to findings from the Grenfell disaster. To learn more about the changes, read our statement and FAQ

ACS would like to reassure customers that any previous project which has used ACS brick slip systems is completely safe and the extensive testing we have performed on the product give us total peace of mind that in the event of a fire, the brick slip system would be unaffected. However, the blanket ban on any combustible material and changes to the building regulation restricts the use of resin-bonded brick slip systems to a maximum of 4 stories or 18 meters in height for residential projects.

Alternative to Brick Slip Lintels and Soffits

The 36/8 Suspended Brick Soffit System is fixed directly to the masonry support. The bricks are suspended using a mechanical dowel and tie system which is then secured using a grout. The bricks are then pointed up as normal. This solution provides exactly the same aesthetics as resin-bonded brick slip systems whilst being completely compliant with the new regulations.

Many manufacturers are rushing to produce an alternative to chemically fixed brick slip systems. ACS 36/8 Suspended Brick Soffit Systems are a tried and tested product with a long history of success and a zero failure rate.

ACS will never compromise safety for the aesthetics of a building. we work closely with architects and engineers to provide a functional solution which meets the architects brief. The reintroduction to 36/8 allows architects to still specify a brick faced soffits and lintels on their project.

To discuss the use of 36/8 on your project, please feel free to contact our technical department: 0113 391 8200 or email technical@acsstainless.co.uk



Article originally published on 15th March 2019