ACS Launch the new Alpha II: Stronger. Safer. Simplified


Advancing the Alpha System

ACS is proud to announce the launch of the Alpha II System, the introduction to the future of masonry support. Always focused on innovation, ACS have upgraded Europe’s most advanced adjustable mechanism.

The patented Alpha II bracket and washer will be included with all ACS support systems from the 1st October.

Lock Safe

Improve safety and prevent catastrophic failure with the patented positive locking feature. Inferior serrated systems cannot compete as the Alpha II Washer engages the brackets teeth with greater ease locking itself on, establishing a new standard in safety.


Save money and installation time, as fewer brackets are required per project thanks to the increased load strength.


Speed up construction and slash installation costs as the Alpha II’s extra-wide aperture allows all current fixing configurations to pass through the front of the bracket with ease.

Finer Adjustment

Achieve even the tightest of tolerances, removing the need for complex and costly site-based solutions thanks to the improved finer adjustment of Alpha II.

For more technical information download our PDF document or to find out how Alpha II can benefit your project you can contact our sales department on
0844 850 0860 
 or email us at

ACS is able to offer suggested installers via our approved partner program. Vison is an approved installer of the Alpha II Masonry Support System



Alpha Chart
Previously, the Alpha bracket’s washer allowed less displacement than standard serrated washers. With the new lock safe washer, the Alpha II reduces potential displacement even further.

Article originally published on 23rd October 2018