Introducing (ADSS) – The Quick and easy Stone Soffit Fixing


The ACS ADSS – Adjustable Disc Soffit Support can be used for the installation of stonework to the soffit of concrete structures.

Image of CE BS EN 845-1

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This variant of ACS’s popular Adjustable Stone range of products allows the installer to quickly and safely suspend stone

soffits with ease.

How it works:

A small expansion anchor can be inserted into a pre-drilled 8mm diameter hole. It can then be hammer set into position using the provided setting tool. The threaded rod can then be screwed into position utilising the anchor’s internal thread.

ACS can make the (ADSS) Disk Soffit Support suit any cavity depth. This is possible through the use of different lengths of threaded bar.

The nuts either side of the angle allows the fine-tuning of the position of the angle on site. As a result, this gives the correct cavity between the stone and the concrete structure.

We calculate, test, warranty and indemnify all of our products by our team of in-house qualified structural and mechanical engineers.

  • Reduced Installation Times
  • Increased Loads (0.75kN)
  • Cheaper Than Traditional Approaches
  • Simple Installations
  • Fully on Site Tested and Warrantied
  • CE Marked




Article originally published on 23rd October 2018