It’s time to consider the ACS 31/21 Axis Curve Cast-in Channel and T Head Bolt Assembly.


Made of austenitic stainless steel, this British-made system is not only stronger and more compact than its nearest rivals, but it’s also 10% more cost-effective.

Inherent strength

The ACS Axis Curve is no regular cast-in channel. This unique patented system, which helps fix masonry support back to reinforced concrete structures, has been carefully designed and manufactured to provide a stronger alternative to traditional 38/17 channels.

Here’s how:

  • Compact design – Most traditional 38/17 channels provide a permissible load capacity of around 6-7kNs per bolt. The load capacity of the Axis Curve is much higher at 8.5kNs per bolt. That’s an increase of over 20%.
  • Curved shape – The channel’s unique elliptical shape also adds to the product’s overall strength as it helps to send loads back to the anchor.

Axis Curve Channel

Because the channel is more compact, it uses considerably less material, and therefore, this innovative UKCA/CE marked ACS 31/21 curve channel system costs around 10% less than the 38/17 offering on the market.

Tested and fully warrantied

With the 31/21 Axis Curve, you’re purchasing a product that, like all other ACS products, has undergone the most rigorous of testing regimes. You have the confidence in knowing that each and every Tang has been electronically tested in tension using our state-of-the-art robotic channel fabrication system.

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Article originally published on 3rd May 2022