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Do I Need Compression Sleeves For Framefix Systems


The short answer is ‘yes‘.

Updates to building regulations have seen non-combustible products become the go-to standard within the construction sector, and rightly so.

Why are compression sleeves needed in construction?

This change has seen the composition of insulation options shift away from phenolic insulation and towards mineral wool alternatives.

With this change in material, we found that there was substantially more movement within the mineral wool systems. It also allowed excessive pressure to be applied to the hi-thread of the tech screw, which could fail, allowing the channel to move along the plain shank of the fixing.

A simple remedy is to use a compression sleeve. This removes pressure from the hi-thread of the screw and, in turn, ensures the entire system doesn’t fail under a wind load.

We also strongly believe that the use of compression sleeves is, in any case, simply best practice when it comes to installation. All channel must be installed to allow for a specified depth of insulation. Without the sleeves, the mineral wool runs the risk of being ‘crushed’ by the channel, potentially causing an inconsistent cavity. As a result, channel ties can be poorly embedded into the brickwork and cause further issues.

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Article originally published on 21st August 2019