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Installing 25/15 Framefix to SFS with Self-Drilling Screws


In recent years, cavity sizes and insulation depths have increased. Additionally, the requirement to fix products – such as channel – to steel frame structures (SFS) as opposed to a traditional blockwork internal leaf.

One consequence of this is that the demands placed on the fixings supplied on-site has also increased.

New product Installation Videos

To provide the industry with best practice, ACS Stainless Steel Fixings has partnered with Rawlplug to produce a series of videos that highlight potential pitfalls and how to overcome them.

The first video (below) covers the installation of our market-leading 25/15 Framefix Channel to SFS, through insulation and a cementitious board.

In Summary:

  • When installing Rawlplug’s self-drilling screws, use a drill speed of between 1,100-1,800rpm
  • Drilling at a faster speed risks blunting the cutting tip, reducing the effectiveness of the screw
  • Go in at a 90° and provide a high amount of pressure while drilling so the point starts cutting
  • Install screws so that the washer is gently compressed, per the below image:

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Article originally published on 23rd April 2021