Outdated serrated washers OUT. Market-leading Alpha II IN.


Safe installation made simple

The biggest issue facing installers when fitting traditional serrated washers is an inability to visually see if the system is properly engaged.

Time and time again, these systems have been fixed vertically whilst the host’s teeth remain horizontal. Those walking the job cannot see this, which presents several safety risks and can compromise a project’s integrity.

With the Alpha II, installers only have one option: the right one. Thanks to the large, pronounced male teeth and the offset washer with corresponding female apertures, it’s clear that the system is engaged correctly. It cannot be installed any other way.

This makes for a much safer and more secure structure overall.

The strongest adjustment mechanism

In addition to its unmatched safety, the shear and load capacities of the Alpha II also surpass that of its competitors.

As with most serrated systems, the serrated edge can quickly wear down and become rounded, causing the system to lose its locking ability. The result is reduced load capability.

Thanks to the Alpha II’s physical locking teeth and redesigned bracket, our customers now have access to a patented solution with the best vertical shear load capacity in its class.

Increased Adjustability

Safety and strength are paramount in the world of masonry support, but so too is adjustability.

To overcome site tolerances, all ACS masonry support systems can be adjusted in various directions, depending on the fixing detail. With the Alpha II, greater vertical and finer adjustments can be easily achieved.

Not only does the bracket have over 5mm more vertical adjustment than a traditional serrated bracket system, but the offset hole in the washer gives installers the option to half the increments of adjustment when rotated 180°.

This means that the support level can be finely adjusted by +/- 25mm without having to remove the washer.

Ready to learn more?

If you’re ready to discover more about how Alpha II can benefit your project, contact our sales department on 0844 850 0860 or email us at info@acsstainless.co.uk.



Article originally published on 31st March 2022