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People Focus – Meet Dean Keeble, Director of Design & Innovation


As he approaches two decades of working at ACS, Dean Keeble tells us a little about his role as our Director of Design and Innovation, and how he hopes sustainability and collaboration will play a significant part in the future of construction. 

‘ACS consistently champion great ideas and value contributions from a diverse group of individuals”

I have been with ACS for 19 years, overseeing the Research and Development as well as the broader Operations teams with a keen emphasis on innovation. My daily routine involves tracking performance in different areas of the business, pinpointing inefficiencies, and collaborating with our department heads to create effective solutions.

I have always been passionate about manufacturing. I started my career as an apprentice machine operator and later earned a degree in Mechanical Design Engineering. Over time, I transitioned to leading continuous improvement initiatives throughout various manufacturing companies, eventually securing a similar position at ACS in 2005.

My favourite aspect of the job is collaborating with individuals who share similar values, whether within the team or externally, to complete projects that focus on enhancing the long-term building safety and sustainability standards throughout the broader construction sector.

By nature, the manufacturing industry presents new challenges daily, such as responding to urgent customer needs, planning the next developments of our advanced production equipment to maintain our continued industry leading service and delivering world class innovations. It is extremely rewarding to see this work come together to deliver the business’s long-term strategy.

My hopes for the future of manufacturing are to continue developing cutting-edge technologies that enable us to produce high-quality products with minimal impact on our planet. As for the wider construction industry, I look forward to a more collaborative approach to delivering construction projects with a lasting positive impact on our society and environment. This starts from the early stages of product and building design and continues through to completion.

When I’m not working, I love being outdoors. I have a passion for golf, taking long walks in the countryside with my dogs and spending quality time with my family, especially my four grandchildren.

ACS is an excellent company to be a part of, rooted in family ownership and driven by a strong desire to lead as the most innovative product manufacturer in the industry. We consistently champion great ideas and value contributions from a diverse group of individuals with various backgrounds and levels of experience.


Article originally published on 30th May 2024