Premier Guarantees 2023 Annual Report

Premier Guarantee has released its 2023 Annual Report, focusing on critical issues within the construction landscape, notably the challenges surrounding high-rise external walls. As one of the leading providers of new homes warranty and building control, Premier Guarantee is at the forefront of taking the standards of construction to greater heights.  
In a bid to champion safe and sustainable construction practices, Dean Keeble, Design and Innovation Director at ACS, has reviewed the report to provide a concise exploration of key findings, emphasising the prevalence of external wall defects in building inspections.

Fire Safety Concerns 

The report underscores the pressing issue of fire safety in high-rise buildings, with 44% of potential defects reported by Major Projects warranty surveyors attributed to defects in external walls.

Repeated instances of building control contraventions around fire safety highlight the urgency for more robust safety measures. It is clearly evident that, even this long after the Grenfell disaster and the subsequent Hackett Report, not enough is being done with the industry to adapt at pace.


Cavity Congestion 

A notable problem identified in the report is the congestion at the slab edge, specifically concerning conflicts related to the fire barrier, masonry brick support, and cavity trays in Brick and SFS build-ups.

This specific issue requires targeted attention to enhance construction practices and mitigate risks. We started to tackle this issue over 18months ago having identified this as a massive challenge for all involved in high rise construction projects from the Architect and Main Contractor right through to the Brickwork Contractor.

Working with representatives and stakeholders across the industry, we have developed a game changing new product that tackles cavity congestion head on.

Intex™ Combined Masonry Support  

Intex™ Fire Protect is the first combined masonry support system combining 4 critical components in a single easy-to-fit design. This diminishes cavity congestion by up to 60%*, all whilst providing rock-solid peace of mind.

Its ingenious, patent-pending design combines wall tie, masonry support and cavity tray in one, with an open-state fire barrier mechanically fixed to the cavity tray for exceptional fire protection.  

Intex™ has undertaken fire testing at Warrington Fire and achieved a test value of over 120 minutes integrity and over 90 minutes insulation. This revolutionary product is warrantied for an industry leading 12 years with a 60-year design life.

This is the exact game changing product the industry needs to tackle cavity congestion head on and reduce external wall defects

Premier Guarantee’s 2023 Annual Report serves as a vital resource, spotlighting the challenges within high-rise external walls. The prevalence related to defects in these walls, emphasises the critical need for collaborative efforts in adopting best practices and innovative solutions like Intex™. By addressing specific issues like congestion at the slab edge, the construction industry can pave the way for safer and more sustainable high-rise developments across the country.

To read the full report visit pg-annual-report-23.pdf ( 

Article originally published on 4th December 2023