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Why Choose ACS Masonry support


At ACS we manufacture our masonry support system to the highest standards. Our manufacturing process exceeds strict CE requirements, with the end product being second to none.

We believe our product is the best on the market, with inclusive safety features ensuring our product gets stronger during catastrophic failure testing. This ensures our product will continue to support the façade even after it has failed. We test our product to failure using excessive and abnormal loads, ensuring our product will never fail under normal circumstances.

The ACS Way

At ACS we use our own advanced software to calculate support requirements and load limits, as it’s developed by our own team of experts, we can guarantee the calculations on the product we manufacture and they are always up to date, taking changes of industry requirements into consideration as soon as they are published.

When an ACS product has not been specified, we have the ability to design and manufacture an approved alternative (albeit, our product will surpass any other on the market!).

Our specification team are always on hand to assist with the design process. providing you with a value engineered product – keeping your masonry support package on budget and on schedule.

ACS can indemnify and guarantee our masonry support packages for the lifetime of the building we have designed for. Speak to our technical team for more information on this service.

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