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What is ‘Build a Brickie’?

The Build a Brickie program is a scheme generated by the passion to provide key learning materials and assist building colleges with the training of bricklayers. Our support is intended to impart best practice using current and modern building techniques which can be missed during curriculum training and mentoring (e.g brick cladding systems, masonry support and GRC). In addition to this, the free product we provide will allow the college to spend their already tight budget in other areas, such as increasing enrolment numbers or other learning resources.

The Build a Brickie scheme is intended to support the Association of Building Contractors & CITB with their efforts to provide relevant training based on current construction methods.

What ACS offer

• Free ACS product (requirements will be discussed upon acceptance into the program).
• Free CPD training for staff, tutors and students.
• Free information banners and product models
• Free factory tour and training in our new state-of-the-art facility (from 2019)
• Backlinks and advertising from the ACS website
• Social media linking and promotion – to assist with the generation of new student enrolment etc.
• Sponsorship for awards or bricklaying competitions (to be discussed/obtain additional approval – NB: not all applications will be accepted)

The ‘Catch’

All ACS asks is that the product is used responsibly and not wasted and that once it reaches the end of its usable life it should be disposed of correctly – ideally recycled where possible.
We also ask that you may support us online, such as website backlink and social media support (sharing of posts or collaborative content).

As a member of the Build a Brickie program, we ask each member to do the following:
• Include the ACS logo onto the college website (where possible / Appropriate)
• Create a news article in relation to joining the program
• Link with ACS on social media platforms
• Maintain occasional social media activity in relation to being part of the program
• Create collaborative social media content in relation to program involvement

Who are ACS?

ACS are a leading manufacturer of structural building components, comprising of wall ties, masonry support, brick slip systems and channel. Our continual investment in the research and development of our products has seen ACS lead the way of innovation for over 30 years. Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, all our products are designed and manufactured in our purpose-built facility.

Download the ‘Build a Brickie’ Fact sheet