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ACP 1250 Corner Guard

The ACP 1250 Corner Guard is formed from flat plate to form a 50x50mm angle. Anchors are then welded to the internal faces of the angle. This ensures a secure bond is achieved with the concrete. (Anchors are positioned 30mm apart to ensure they miss any reinforcement).

In addition 8mm Diameter holes are drilled in either end and come complete with suitable klink nuts for fixing to the formwork via M8 hex head set screws (Supplied).

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Image of ACP 1250 Corner Guard


Normally corner guards are manufactured from grade 304 Stainless steel, however, they may be manufactured in mild steel & galvanised to order.


Standard corner guard dimensions are shown below, however, almost any length, size, material or finish may be manufactured to order.

For all bespoke requirements please liaise with the sales department.

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