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ACS brick and masonry support systems are generally manufactured from stainless steel Grade 304 material; however, we can manufacture systems from Grade 316 stainless steel, especially if it is to be used in corrosive environments such as coastal areas.

Where stainless steel comes into contact with mild steel it is important to isolate the dissimilar materials via neoprene spacers to prevent bi-metallic corrosion. These are available from ACS.

Adjustments/ Tolerances

ACS masonry support systems may be adjusted in 3 directions depending on the fixing detail to overcome site tolerances.

Vertical adjustment

This can be accommodated via the use of alpha or serrated washers over vertical slots in the system.

Longitudinal adjustment

This can be accommodated via horizontal slots in steelwork or via a continuous cast in channel.

Lateral adjustment

This can be accommodated via stainless steel shims. The maximum allowable shim is the thickness of the bolt or 12mm whichever is less. If shimming exceeds this figure please liaise with the technical department.

Alpha II Bracket System

Almost every brickwork support system designed and manufactured by ACS now incorporates the new Alpha II Bracket.

The Alpha II Bracket has been developed to replace the traditional serrated bracket and offers many advantages including the following:

Lock Safe: The new positive locking feature of the Alpha II Bracket is designed to engage the teeth with greater ease than other systems, locking itself on and preventing catastrophic failure.

Finer Adjustment: The Alpha II Bracket has over 5mm more vertical adjustment than a traditional serrated bracket system. In addition to this the Alpha II Washer allows 4mm fixing increments.

Economic: The Alpha II Bracket allows even greater loads to be achieved than previous systems, this also gains the added benefit of reducing the number of brackets required.

Installation: The design of the Alpha II System allows all bolts to be installed through the slot in the back of the bracket. This gives you the benefit of being able to position the system before through fixing your bolt into the structure behind.

The Alpha II Bracket has been independently tested at Sheffield University and has been proven to perform on average over 20% better in shear than the traditional serrated bracket system.

Patent Pending