36/8 Mechanically Fixed Soffit System

ACS Soffit Hangers are a bespoke product utilising 36/8 Channel & Ties combined with ACS restraint dowels. The system has been designed to allow a 500mm spacing between brackets and a 250mm end cantilever as standard. Special configurations can be designed to almost any application.


The 38-6 Soffit System is fully compliant with current building regulations. ACS is offering this system as an alternative to brick slip solutions which are chemically fixed and fall within the ban as explained here

The alternative system provides exactly the same aesthetics as a chemically fixed brick slip system but does not contain the banned adhesive which has not been approved for use.

  • BS EN 845 Compliant
  • PD 6697:2010 Compliant
  • Material Reference 3 – Austenitic Stainless Steel
  • Mechanical Failsafe System
  • Uses Standard Bricks
  • Allows Colour Match
  • No Enhanced Turnaround Times
  • Bespoke Design

Installation & Best Practice

The first brick is to be drilled at either end and the first tie clipped into the channel with a one way welded dowel. The first brick will then have both ends filled with either resin or a none shrinkable grout. The brick will then be pushed on the welded dowel tie and another tie will be slid into position and a 6x60mm loose dowel pushed through the hole to fully support the brick. This process is then repeated along the full length of the soffit opening until the last brick is to be installed. The final tie with a one way welded dowel will then be slid into position which completes the hanging process. Please ensure that all soffit bricks are temporarily propped until the whole system is cured.

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