Azure II™ Brick Slip Systems

Azure II™ soffits and lintels. Changing the rules for beautiful brick buildings.  

ACS Azure II™ Brick Slip Systems are a range of brick faced, modular soffits and lintels that help you explore a range of beautiful brick possibilities. Designed for residential and commercial buildings, these 100% mechanically fixed products are the UK’s most adjustable, A1 non-combustible brick slip system. 

More possibilities. Less waiting. 

ACS Azure II™ soffits and lintels can be delivered to site in just 10 weeks after final drawing approval and receipt of bricks. By speeding up construction times and reducing the need for highly skilled traditional bricklayers, they open up a world of aesthetic possibilities

A1 non-combustible, lightweight, brick faced units made to your project-specific specifications and designed to be bolted to masonry support.
A1 non-combustible, brick-faced units that help you create unique architectural features whilst supporting the external brickwork with an inbuilt single leaf lintel.