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Bespoke Fabrication

In almost every residential and commercial development there is a requirement for structural steel members, especially in concrete framed structures where wide expanses of brickwork or blockwork need to be restrained or supported.

Steel members are designed into the structure as a cost effective solution to restrain / support the masonry as it is uneconomical and unpractical to cast large concrete columns, beams and downstands.

Bespoke Steel Fabrication

These structural members may include windposts, columns, beams, welded frames or even structural frames that incorporate masonry support systems.

Generally these components will have been designed and detailed by the project structural engineer. However, these components are sometimes overlooked and it is necessary for proposals / designs to be carried out during the construction stage.

ACS has the facility to design and/or manufacture medium to heavy-duty components in almost any shape, size and finish to suit the customers requirements.

With a technical department of qualified engineers, ACS has the experience and expertise to design the most economical solutions using the latest technology.

For further information about our bespoke fabrication service or advice please consult ACS Stainless.