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Azure II™: Brick Slip Systems – the fastest lead times, just got faster


Due to ongoing investment in R&D here at ACS Stainless, we’re now able to offer our customers eight-week lead times* on all of our Azure II™ Brick Slip Systems. This represents a 40% reduction in manufacturing time.

Reduced manufacturing times for Azure II Brick Slip Systems

We understand our customer’s need to receive materials efficiently to ensure projects remain on track to prevent losing time and money. So, over the last few years, we’ve looked carefully at every step of our design and manufacturing processes to improve efficiencies and accuracy whilst maintaining the highest quality in our products. This has resulted in us developing the most advanced manufacturing and automation systems here in the UK.

Not only have we advanced our manufacturing times, we’ve also looked at how our products can work harder for our customers – that’s why we developed the Azure II™ Brick Slip Systems. Made up of 100% mechanically fixed prefabricated units, the Azure II™ range has been expertly engineered to allow for multiple adjustments to be made quickly and easily on-site.

This includes:

  • Adjustable bricks – The brick slips can slide along the carrier unit
  • Left to right – The welded channel allows for infinite adjustment longitudinally
  • Up and down – The system can be adjusted vertically using packers
  • In and out – The units can be adjusted horizontally with ACS Masonry Support

This four-way adjustability helps to significantly reduce installation times, labour costs, and even the likelihood of paying for costly remedial work.

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*subject to final design approval. 



Article originally published on 21st September 2022