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Adjustable Head Restraints

Adjustable head restraints can be either fixed to concrete or steelwork, or clipped into channel and designed to allow for differential movement between inner leaf and the structure whilst providing restraint to the panel,. Mortar is prevented from entering the AHR (adjustable head restraints) allowing the head to slide freely within the steel sleeve. The foot of the restraint is built within the bed joint and the centre of the restraint must be positioned in the vertical joint at least 50mm from the edge of the blockwork.

The AHR range is designed to suit a standard 215mm block. However, non-standard lengths may be manufactured upon request


Image of AHR S (Adjustable Head Restraint)


Image of AHR H (Adjustable Head Restraint)


Image of AHR C (Adjustable Head Restraint)


ACS offer a range of head restraint fixings to suit site construction, these restraints connect to either the steel or concrete.

All head restraints are manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel, but can be manufactured from both grade 316 stainless steel or mild steel upon request.

How To Order

When ordering head restraints please provide the following:

Sliding Anchors

Adjustable Head Restraint

Soffit Restraint