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Non-Combustible Weep Vent

Weep vents are designed to allow the drainage of water and moisture from a cavity build-up. Positioned upon a cavity tray, they ensure that any moisture collected by the tray is expelled from the building.  The ACS Non-Combustible Weep Vent is manufactured from stainless steel, ensuring that the product is A1 non-combustible and meets updated Approved Document B guidance. The ACS stainless steel weep vent can be used with the ACS A-Tray™, G-Tray™ and Intex™ systems.


  • Manufactured from a single piece of stainless steel
  • No on-site assembly required
  • Provides an A1 non-combustible solution
  • No bi-metallic corrosion when used in conjunction with other stainless steel products
  • Height of the weep vent means it can be positioned in either a standard brick or a pistol brick profile
  • Front lip on weep vent to expel water away from the brickwork

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