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Stone Support Restraint

The ACS stone support restraint is used for the installation and restraint of stonework to a block work wall. An anchor can be inserted into a predrilled and resin fixed hole and then set into position. ACS can make the stone support restraint to suit a variety of cavity depths. This is possible through the use of different lengths of anchor.

The nuts either side of the angle allow the fine-tuning of the position of the angle on site. As a result, this gives the correct cavity between the stone and the block work structure.
The dowel can be used to restrain the top of a stone while also supporting and restraining the nest stone.

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Image of Stone Support Restraint

Technical Data

The ACS combined support and restraint is manufacture in grade 304 austenitic stainless steel. Utilising a high strength resin fixing combined with an internally designed support system, each angle is capable of taking an unfactored load of 500N in shear and 500N in direct tension. The system has been designed to suit the requirements of BS 8298 (the design and installation of natural stone cladding and lining) as an effective method of stone fixing and also stone restraint. The maximum distances from the front of the angle to the masonry are as follows;

M10 System M12 System
Distance from Masonry to the front of angle 30mm 55mm

Alternative systems for higher design loads or cavities can be designed.

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